What Are the Benefits of Bike Shelters

September 23, 2020

Bike Shelters and Cycle Storage have never been more important than now! For years, cycling has been considered more a sport than a means of transport. However, the idea has evolved as more and more people prefer to ride to work or school. Everyone agrees that cycling is one of the healthiest ways of travelling; that it has significant mental and physical benefits. With more people taking cycling as their ‘go-to’ means of transport, there is an increased need to install Bike Shelters to provide cyclists a place to safely park their cycles when taking a break.

There are many advantages associated with installing these bike shelters and cycle rack storage systems. We present several of them here:

  • Bike Shelters add security

A good bike is costly, and leaving it unattended makes it prone to theft or vandalism. An estimated 400,000 cycles are reported stolen or damaged each year. Cycle stands, also known as bike racks, provide a safe and secure place for cycles while the rider is at a workplace or in school, visiting a museum, etc. Education institutions have also recognized the need for installing bike shelters for students. After all, who would want to handle a furious parent if their child’s cycle was stolen?

  • Protection from Elemental Harm

Another safety advantage a cycle shelter storage provides is protection against direct sunlight or rain. Parking a cycle under the open sun or during rain not only damages it physically but will also cost you in repairs. Harmful UV rays directly affect the paint and different parts of a cycle. Similarly, the rain may not only produce rust on your bicycle, but it will also damage how it functions. This will, in turn, cost you time and money to keep your cycle in running condition.

  • Bike Shelter will add an aesthetic appeal

Installing a bike rack with a simple yet beautiful design will make any place more aesthetically appealing. Aside from providing safe storage space, a cycle stand also adds to the value of the place they are installed. You can see them installed beside a fountain, parks, or outside cinemas in a way that it adds to the overall look as well as provide a suitable space to park your bicycle. Cycle shelters come in a variety of designs that can fit in many places. Natural-looking wood or metal shelters also accommodate and blend into the natural environment.

  • Health Benefits

Everybody knows cycling provides mental and physical health benefits. Installing cycle shelters outside offices or schools would encourage employees or students to use bicycles as a means of transport. From a general energy boost to overall fitness and relieving anxiety or stress, cycling is the best way to provide individuals with short healthy trips on a daily basis. It has been found that those who use cycles on a regular basis have greater brain performance compared to those who walk or drive.

  • Atmospheric Benefits

Erecting a cycle stand at office and schools not only provide encourages physical benefits to the rider, but it also has an environmental advantage to it, as well. Carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere are largely due to transport vehicles. Encouraging commuters to take up bicycling as an alternate means of transport reduces these carbon emissions significantly. This is a good way to contribute to a sustainable environment which in turn will give rise to healthy and productive people.

Tips on Installing a Cycle Shelter

When adding a cycle shelter to business premises, companies should promote it to everyone by installing it in an area that is highly visible to your staff. You may also want to add a sign that directs your staff to its location.

Assure your staff that their bike is safe and secure in the cycle shelter by adding additional lighting, CCTV, and surveillance by security staff. Once your staff notices that the cycle shelter is located in a safe area, the more likely it will be that they will bike to work.

Bike Dock Solutions installs a wide range of bike shelters in the UK. We help you find a safe and secure location for your cycle shelter. Our cycle shelters come complete with lockable cycle compounds with vented roofs to ensure that your staff’s bikes are safe from the elements.

Last Few Words

Installing a cycle stand at a location provides the cyclists with a safe and convenient means to store and lock their cycles.

While not as costly as a car or motorcycle, they still cost something, so you’d want to park them where it’s safe. Cycle shelters, provide a great way to store cycles along with giving an aesthetic appeal to the location with various beautiful designs to choose from.

Bike Dock Solutions Team

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