How to keep your bicycle safe with secure bike storage

How to keep your bicycle safe with secure bike storage

Did you know that the majority of bikes stolen in the UK are from homes and accompanying buildings such as sheds and garages? Unfortunately, secure bike storage at home and work is becoming important for cyclists.

Follow our top suggestions for keeping your bike safe when you’re not out and about.

1) Bike storage: use a garage or shed

Even if you have a garage door lock, it is often an inadequate security method for securing bicycles. Always secure your bike to an immovable object, such as a ground or wall anchor within the garage or shed. 

The BDS Two Tier Bike Rack is an excellent choice. With a user friendly cycle parking system, you can be sure this bike rack will keep your bicycle safe in your shed or garage. Two Tier Bike Rack - With Gas Strut (BDS)2) Why not consider lock up bike storage?

Avoid just locking through the wheel by securing your main lock through the bike frame. Use a high-quality lock at all times. To secure wheels and accessories, use a secondary lock. 

The BDS Cycle Security Enclosure is the perfect example of high security bike storage. When in the proper circumstances, this bike shelter can help you earn ENE8 Cycle storage credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes. This shelter comes in a mild steel form with a bolt-down installation and is available in galvanised or polyester powder-coated RAL code colours. 

BDS Cycle Security Enclosure

3) Space saving bike storage

If you don’t have access to a garage or shed, a wall hanger is an excellent space-saving solution for keeping your bike at home. There are a variety of patterns available to match your interior décor.

Even if you are at home, you should lock your bike and secure it to the hanger, but pay attention to how the hanger attaches to the wall. 

Check out the Fixed Butterfly Wall Mounted Bike Stand. It’s a simple, easy solution for bike parking and securely locking the bike’s wheel to the rack’s frame. Great for both commercial and domestic properties.

Fixed Butterfly Wall Mounted Bike Stand

4) Check your insurance

Check the fine print in your insurance policy. Many insurers now require bikes to be inside your home. We recommend getting a policy from a cycle-specific insurer, who will be able to provide you with specialised advice tailored to your bike insurance needs.

5) Label your bike

If the worst happens and someone steals your bike, take the necessary procedures to ensure you get it back. You can register your bike with programmes like Bike Register in the United Kingdom or Bike Index in the United States.

Take photos of your bike, including any distinguishing marks or characteristics. You might even engrave your postcode or zip code on the frame.

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