Premium Bike Shelter Solutions for Your Premises

November 15, 2022

BikeDock Solutions is the UK market leader in bike shelter storage solutions, offering secure bike storage for one, two, three, or four bikes, depending on your needs.

All BikeDock bike storage shelters are made of durable, weather-resistant steel and have padlocks with three or five points of securing.

You can compare our three most popular bike storage products below to gather more information about which is the best choice for you. 

A Single Bike Shelter Storage Solution

The Wall Dock holds one bike and is a safe and affordable method to store your bikes. The Wall Dock also supports the bike, preventing expensive wheels from damage.

To use, just elevate the front of the bike and place the front wheel into the dock. Users can add further security by securing their bikes in place with a secure D-lock, and for transportable bikes, two Wall Docks can be used for stability. A locking bar at the bottom is available if you want an additional locking point.

Storage for Two Bikes

The BDS Two Tier Bike Rack is a cutting-edge, user-friendly bike parking solution that allows you to store twice as many bikes in the same area and space as any normal bike rack.

The space-efficient and cost-effective “Two Tier Bike Rack” distinctive features make this storage solution so popular. Particularly in high-density areas such as stations, shopping centres, schools, parking garages, and offices.

The Two-Tier Bike Rack can accommodate a variety of bicycles, including mountain bikes and road bikes, which the user can chain or D-lock to the rack for further security. Wheel channels support the bicycle, while a gutter stabilises the back wheel, allowing the bicycle to fasten firmly into place. The BDS Two Tier Bike Rack is ideal for bike storage for two bikes.

Bike Shelter Storage for Three Bicycles

The Alpine Bike Shed with bolt-down installation is an eye-catching addition to your property. This bike shelter comes standard with:

  • A galvanised or powder-coat black steel-stained Shiplap roof
  • Mesh sides
  • Swing or sliding gates as options
  • Optional cycling parking and bike supports are also available

This bike shelter is ideal for giving your property a luxurious charm without sacrificing utility.

Bike Storage with Ten Units

Our best-selling bike shelter has all-around features to suit any environment and is Transport for London certified.

This Bike Shelter is available in galvanised and polyester powder-coated RAL code colour finishes. As well as hot-dipped, galvanised and polyester powder-coated RAL code colour finishes. UV stable anti-vandal clear polycarbonate roof with polycarbonate sides and swing or sliding gates. It has optional cycle parking and galvanised bike stands for safe bike parking and to give bikers confidence by allowing them to secure both the frame and wheels to the cycle stand.

As you can see, BikeDock Solutions has bike storage to fit all of your demands. Finding the best bike storage is critical. You can’t go wrong with BikeDock Solutions’ bike storage.

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Bike Dock Solutions Team

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