The Perfect Storage Solution: Value Two Tier Bike Rack

November 08, 2022

The Value Two Tier Bike Rack (BDS) is the most space-efficient bike rack for bicycle parking offered at the most incredible price. Why should you choose Bike Dock Solutions’ Value Two-tier Bike Rack?

The Value Two Tier Bike Rack (BDS) (with simple lift gas assist) replaces the classic BDS Two Tier Bike Rack. This unique and user-friendly bike parking system offers incredible space-saving bike storage, amazing usability, and high value by allowing you to store twice as many bikes in the same area and space as a standard bike rack.

The innovative design of the space-efficient and cost-effective Value Two Tier Bike Rack (BDS) has skyrocketed demand for it, particularly in high-density areas such as stations, schools, car parks, and offices.

What is the capacity of the BDS Value Two Tier Bike Rack?

All you have to do is measure the length of the area where the rack will go. The length (mm) divided by 375mm equals the number of bikes that will fit on the bottom row. To account for the handlebars sticking out, multiply the total number of bike spots by two and remove two bikes.

All types of bicycles are compatible

Value Two Tier Bike Rack (BDS) will accommodate a variety of bicycles, including mountain and road bikes, which you can chain or D-lock to the Value Two Tier Bike Rack for added security. The bicycle is properly supported on the top level by wheel channels, and a gutter stabilises the back wheel to secure the bicycle. The user will lean their bike against a bike stand and secure it on the lowest level by the wheels and frame. 

The BDS Value Two Tier Bike Rack offers the following benefits:

  • Available with an extremely durable galvanised finish.
  • Upper-tier operation is simple, with bearings and easy-lift gas for long life and little maintenance.
  • Each bike is BREEAM-compliant and has three locking points.
  • Locking bars on top keep the bicycle stable in the wheel channels.
  • All bicycles are compatible (mountain bikes, town bikes etc., with tyres up to 60mm wide)
  • Chain the bicycle frame and wheels for increased security.

The BDS Value Two Tier Bike Rack has a two-week lead time

Unlike many other Two Tier bike rack manufacturers, we have crucial components in stock, resulting in much shorter wait periods. We routinely work under strict deadlines, such as The London Shard, where we went to the site, developed a CAD layout plan for approval, devised a unique solution, built, and delivered in four weeks, according to the defined and agreed-upon timescales.

You can view the rack’s specifications and order it online on our website

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