Two tier bike storage: the best solution

November 04, 2022

Two tier bike storage is one of the cycling industry’s segments that is growing the quickest. These space-saving solutions have dramatically increased in popularity in recent years. Particularly at locations like railway stations, where there may not be much room. There is an increasing need for secure bike parking. 

Two tier bike storage is a great option when there isn’t enough space to store several bicycles. The Two-tier storage solution doubles the capacity of a parking spot by stacking two bikes directly on top of one another. 

Two tier bike storage has powered lifting 

Older systems were formerly criticised for being challenging to use. It has been quite difficult for several bikers to move their bikes onto the higher level. With our bike racks, anyone can use the top level without difficulty. The gas-assisted lifting feature is available on several other two-tier racks, like our Two Tier Bike Rack – With Gas Strut (BDS).

Two tier bike storage with design in mind

In businesses where storage facilities are required, making the most of the space available for bicycle parking is crucial. It’s important to consider cycling needs and provide convenient and useful storage while providing a parking facility.

To provide the necessary number of parking spaces, many residential neighbourhoods utilise a significant number of two-tier racks. To maximise the amount of space available in these areas, extremely effective racking systems must be implemented. Broad side aisles must be broad enough so bikes can manoeuvre freely. 

Two tier bike storage accommodates a variety of bicycles

For further security, any bicycle, including road and mountain bikes, may be chained or D-locked to the Two-Tier Bike Rack. The bicycle is supported correctly by the wheel channels, and the rear wheel is stabilised by a gutter, allowing the bike to be secured firmly into place.

Simple and uncomplicated 

The two-tier cycle rack system is straightforward and easy to use for those of all ages since the bottom bike rack has a sloping wheel channel that removes the need for the user to bend between levels. This rack is perfect for saving space since the bike stands are so compact, with a centre-to-centre distance of only 375mm. 

A revolutionary and user-friendly bike parking solution, the BDS Two Tier Bike Rack enables you to store twice as many bikes in the same area and space as any conventional bike rack.

The demand for our Two-Tier Bike Rack is rising as a result of its unparalleled and effective use of space, especially in areas with high population density, including railway stations, retail malls, schools, parking lots, and workplaces. 

Are you trying to find the best installer for a two tier bike shelter? 

All the advantages of our Two-Tier Bike Shelters are listed above. Not what you were searching for? There are a variety of alternative bike racks available. Why not go through our selection and choose the best one for your location? Please don’t hesitate to call us at 0800 612 6113 or use the contact form if you have any queries.

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