How to Stay COVID-19 Compliant AND Have a Bike Rack

It is challenging in the current environment to stay compliant with all of the different rules and still find time to be healthy and active. 

There are many things which make this challenging every day, and it means that you may well struggle to get the best possible options from your experiences. 

Thankfully, there are ways that you can stay compliant with COVID-19 regulations and have a good bike rack at the same time. 

Socially Distance 

Social distancing can still be just as effective for a bike rack if you just apply it in the correct way.

If you’re going to social distance, you should make sure that you keep at least one link apart at all times, preferably two. You can get bike racks that are long enough to do this, we can provide them for you, but it means that people are socially distancing and still can put their bikes together. 

That’s the big problem that a lot of people have, they don’t socially distance properly, and then it goes wrong. By making the correct changes, you can socially distance in the right way. 

It’s a very simple change, but it’s one that will help to protect your staff from harm.

Bike Rack Encourages Cycling

Generally speaking, it is a good idea to encourage cycling during the coronavirus period anyway.

Cycling is a very healthy thing for people to do, which is what the government recommends people should do in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak is to get fit, and at the same time, it prevents people from car-sharing, which is known to be a possible way for the virus to be transmitted.

By making these changes, you’re helping to look after people. It also helps you to look like an environmentally friendly company and a considerate one. 

Install Multiple Bike Racks

There are going to be instances where having multiple bike racks is a good thing. This is probably one of them.

In this case, having multiple bike racks will help you to be able to provide your workers with more space for their bikes, and at the same time comply with social distancing more. 

We are happy to help with the facilitation and implementation of new bike racks because we understand how important it can be for you to be able to give your workers the best possible options.

So, in conclusion, this is a difficult period for everybody, and of course, you want to stay compliant with coronavirus rules and regulations. It’s going to be pretty important to make sure that you are locking down any potential areas where the coronavirus could be an issue and working towards protecting your staff as often as possible. Bike racks encourage cycling, which is a healthy form of exercise, and that’s what the government wants right now. It’s mostly just a case of finding a way to do this that is safe and sensible, and this can understandably be a massive problem. We can help though.