Tips for choosing bike lockers for your commercial building

Bike lockers provide the ultimate security since they prevent theft, vandalism, and damage to the bike from harsh weather conditions.

Boosting the number of bike lockers can help reduce the number of bicycle thefts each year by keeping bikes out of sight and out of mind from those tempted to snag them. Incorporating bike lockers in our cities and businesses is easy, following these simple steps.

Here are six topics to keep in mind when selecting a bicycle locker:

Decide if the bike locker is right for your facility

As ideal as bike lockers are, they aren’t perfect for every location. Bike lockers are designed for long-term parking since they provide such a high level of security and can take extra time to park and retrieve a bicycle from the lockers.

Think about your guests. Do they visit for ten minutes, or ten hours? If your guests generally come for a quick trip, standard outdoor bike racks might be a better fit than lockers.

However, if your guests or employees usually visit for more than a few hours, definitely consider bike lockers. Additionally, no matter how long your guests stay, if your current bicycle parking racks are unsafe or may have people meddling with the bikes, then you should still get bike lockers.

Some locations where bike lockers are especially convenient include businesses, university campuses, apartment complexes, and bus stops. At each of these locations, cyclists will leave their bike unattended for several hours. Don’t make them feel apprehensive about whether or not their bike is safe.

Bike lockers are a secure and protective option that towns and businesses everywhere are installing to cater to the bicycling community. Consider adding one to your facility to attract a growing demographic of cyclists while also encouraging the many benefits of cycling within your community.


Bike lockers come in a variety of sizes, from simple units for small businesses to larger ones that cater to school security. If most of your employees prefer cycling to work regularly, go for larger locker units. It may even encourage other employees to adopt cycling, resulting in a healthier lifestyle and improved work performance in the long run.


Bike lockers have different prices based on their functions. Some types of security fencing such as bespoke bike lockers tend to be expensive due to the intricate designs and colour requirements. It is, however, essential to keep in mind that high prices do not always equate to quality lockers. Look out for providers who are willing to negotiate and who offer economical and secure solutions. Having a bike locker is a future investment for your clients and employees, so go for the most cost-effective product.

Materials used

If you have used wooden or plastic lockers, you probably know the downside of these materials. They are likely to rot or be vandalised, and that is a problem you certainly do not want your clients to go through. Opt for a locker that offers welded mesh fencing for durability and one that is harder to tamper with. A mesh cage means that your client’s bikes are safely enclosed in individual lockers. With such a solution, they no longer have to remove their rear wheel for fear of theft.


Whether you are looking for large units or small-sized bike storage solutions for your clients, Bike Dock Solutions can guarantee safe bike lockers with tamper-resistant fittings. Contact us for affordable and top-quality lockers and other bike storage facilities.