Two Tier Bike Shelters – Solution to improving bike storage for offices and employees

Two Tier Bike Shelters – Solution to improving bike storage for offices and employees

When it comes to encouraging your staff to travel actively to and from work, providing effective bike storage is an excellent place to start.

Another great point to consider is that in customer-facing services, namely retail and the hospitality industry, it’s important to make everybody feel welcome and tailored. If you continually do this it’s likely you’ll gain the customers’ trust and who knows, you may have a customer for life!

Unfortunately, first impressions are sometimes taken at face value. This is often the first way a person will encounter your brand/premises. It may only be a small deal but the way in which you attract, or keep customers may hinge more on what you do to make their life easier. Something as simple as a bike rack with or without a shelter overhead is just one way to improve public perception.

Just like protected cycle lanes make your daily commute safer and easier, the bike storage facilities installed at your workplace can make all the difference too.

Therefore we’ve brainstormed 5 ways in which a bike rack can improve how others perceive your workplace.

  • Two-tier Bike Shelters are Promoting/Encouraging Healthy Living

Regardless of the motive behind it, cycling is a conscious effort to get healthier. It’s also a cheaper alternative than running a car or simply just for leisure purposes. Having somewhere to safely store your bike during your ‘visit’ will score many brownie points from your customer(s). Put yourself in their shoe trainers, would you want to leave something valuable leaning against a wall or left on the floor? If they’ve visited you before via car they may have noticed a cycle storage and kept that in mind for next time. Yes, that means they would have already been to your premises before so you could argue they are already a customer, but what if this was the reason for their return visit?

  • Looking Out for the Environment

Any place that ‘advertises’ bicycle parking such as Two-Tier Bike Shelters can surely be seen as advocating for the environment. If as mentioned above, car drivers opt for using their bike, fewer emissions are released into the atmosphere. That’s not the only perk, a reduced number of cars on the road results in less stop/start traffic, and generally a decrease in traffic all in all.

  • Boost Employee Morale

We’ve touched on this subject before previous blog posts. This applies to any kind of workplace in which cyclists make up a portion of the workforce. Cars are the most common type of transport, therefore most businesses will have a car park where applicable. They do so as they need to offer their employees an incentive. It may sound a little unusual but think about it, would you apply for a job if there was no car parking available on-site, in a bustling city? I expect your answer is ‘absolutely not’.

Most workers wouldn’t fancy running themselves ragged searching for a parking spot before work. Being late isn’t exactly something you’d like to pride yourself upon. It might be different if you have a bike due to size reasons, you could lay it down anywhere. Why should you though if everyone else is allowed the luxury of parking their car safely in the car park of work premises? A bike is an investment just the same as a car, you wouldn’t want to leave your property somewhere it could potentially get damaged.

  • Everyone Is Welcome and Accommodated For

Following on from points one and three, it’s nice to know you’re welcome. A cycle track is an easy way to show this. As a company showing your customers/employees, you are committed to protecting their belongings is a sign of accommodating their needs. Partnering a bike rack with a cycle shelter or instead, a cycle compound is another way of caring for people whilst on your grounds. This will only elevate their perception of your company.

  • Two-tier Bike Shelters: Health and Safety

If you’re in further need of convincing, consider health and safety issues that may present themselves. The most obvious of all being a trip hazard if bicycles are left unattended. A designated area to store two-wheeled transport keeps your site clear and free from H&S-related problems.


Looking for the best Two-Tier Bike Shelter Installer?

There we have it; 5 ways a bike rack can help boost the workplace. There are many cycle racks to choose from, explore our range and find the best one for your premises! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 612 6113 or get in touch via the contact form.