Why Public Bike Pump and Repair Stand ?

What are the benefits of a public bicycle repair station? 

Cycling has never been so accessible in the UK, and recently significant improvements have been made, such as segregated cycle superhighways and increased secure cycle parking facilities.

Public bike pump & repair stands,  provide a convenient place for cyclists to make essential repairs or carry out maintenance to their bicycle. They can be located in communal areas, public spaces and are also a great addition to bike storage for schools, apartments and offices.


Public bike repair stations for more cycle-friendly routes

Public bicycle repair stations provide a fixed platform for cyclists to re-inflate tyres, tune bikes and make repairs whilst away from home. Installing these stations along popular routes improves the reliability of cycling as a mode of transport or recreational activity. Cyclists can be confident that if they get a puncture, facilities are nearby for the necessary repairs.

What’s in a public bike tool station?

Bike repair stands/stations incorporate a range of tools such as screwdrivers, tyre levers and chain tools. Some stations include an integrated pump, with other stations offering a separate standalone pump. Almost all including a pressure gauge. Public pumps are far more user-friendly and are quicker alternatives to portable bike pumps.

About our bicycle pump & repair stands:

Public Bike Pump and Repair Stand Available at Bike Dock Solutions includes the following: 

All necessary tools to fix up a bike (pump to inflate the wheels, Allen keys of 3,4,5mm, spanner, pliers, screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, 2 levers to remove the wheel cover). The tools are attached to the stand through steel cables.

  • Material – Steel.
  • Finishing coat – Galvanised and powder coated blue finish
  • Cycling Score Approved
  • Base is 330x240mm
  • Fits bikes of different shapes and sizes: mountain, racing, town, BMX and child bikes
  • Installation – Support screw-mounted to the floor (mechanical anchorage).

A repair station makes a strong statement about a ‘cycle-friendly’ workplace, city or community.

Our bike repair stations can be provided in a variety of RAL colours and there are bespoke branding options available upon request. Contact one of our experts for more advice on the installation today.  Email us:  or call 0800 612 6113 or alternatively, contact us here