Semi Vertical Bike Rack Shelters

Why Install a Semi Vertical Bike Rack?

The Semi Vertical Bike Rack is a durable and cost-effective way to save space. We think it deserves its own article because it’s one of our most loved products! What’s so special about our Semi Vertical Bike Rack?


It utilises a lot of space. Because the bikes are semi-vertical, they may be kept with only 305mm centre space when they are staggered in height. And due to the staggered heights, you can park the bikes closer together than on conventional racks, which is especially useful in small spaces. Such as beneath your stairs at home or at your workplace.

Where can the semi-vertical bike rack be installed?

Anywhere. It is weatherproof, and you can use it both inside and out in car parks, offices, garages, sheds, and footpaths.


Three locking points are available on the Semi Vertical Bike Rack. The front and back wheels and the centre frame. We can install a locking bar in the bike rack’s centre, allowing cyclists to use their D locks there. 

It’s sturdy

This rack is made of solid steel with a galvanised finish that is exceptionally durable and will last for decades.

Easy to assemble

It comes flat-packed, allowing it to pass through any doorway. We do include a diagram that shows how to put the rack together. All you have to do now is screw the frame together, mount the bike racks, and bolt into the floor (if desired), and it’s ready!

Adjustable in size

We create this bike rack to order, so if you need three, four, five, thirteen, twenty-four, or sixty-eight bikes, we can build a frame to fit your needs. It’s a versatile way to park your bikes since the frames can be fastened side by side with no loss of space. To figure out how many bicycles you can accommodate in a room, all you have to do is measure the length and depth of the area. The depth of the rack is 1114mm. Simply divide the length of the area, e.g. 4000mm, by 305mm to find out how many bikes you can fit in a given length. Subtract one from the total. In this situation, 4000mm could comfortably hold 12 bikes on one rack.

Easy to use and fit for all types of bikes (except trikes!)

It’s quite easy to use. Lifting the front wheel onto the track and rolling the bike up is all you need to do. This rack is built so that it does not require attachment to the rack; it will just balance on the track. The Semi Vertical Bike Rack works with all bikes and tyre thicknesses, even the chunkiest mountain bike tyres.

You can view an example of several Semi Vertical Bike Racks we built for the Canary Wharf Group here. You can read a piece on our firm in the Guardian here.

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