Best Workplace Bike Storage Options

Best Workplace Bike Storage Options

Everyone knows that cycling to work is a terrific method for employees to improve their health, avoid traffic jams, and recharge for the day ahead. However, having a team of enthusiastic bikers can represent a significant challenge for employers: where can they find the best bike storage? Employers don’t often have a lot of space, and employees naturally don’t want to leave their bikes unsecured where they may be damaged or stolen.

Our team at Bike Dock Solutions is available to assist you in answering that very question. We’re delighted to offer our knowledge on bike storage for businesses and workspaces, having designed, developed, and built bike racks for a variety of sectors.

So keep reading to uncover the ideal option for your workplace.

Best Bike Storage Options

Bike storage does not have to be unsightly. Instead, it should be an asset to your business. That means it should be inexpensive, provide excellent security, and protect bikes from the weather.

Our bike storage solutions will keep your bikes safe and secure while also saving you space. Each of the following storage options, all built in the UK from high-quality, robust, and corrosion-resistant materials, will give you the best facilities for keeping bikes, regardless of your requirements. 

The Bike Rack with Two Tiers

This is one of the best bike storage systems for high-density cycle storage in commercial or public settings. The two-tier bike rack is perfect for creating cycling spaces in limited locations. It is the epitome of compact bike parking, supporting and storing all sorts of bicycles.

The two-tier bike rack also provides for the securement of both the frame and the wheels, satisfying BREEAM security regulations. In fact, one of our clients even noticed a significant reduction in theft following installation!

It is not only good for producing outstanding space savings, but it is also a user-friendly system ideal for high-density bike storage such as stations, universities, retail malls, car parks, and workplaces. As demand develops, the modular architecture allows you to add more racks. It also has locking hoops to keep the frames and wheels firmly to the cycle rack. 

Our Two Tier bike racks:

  • Perfect for all kinds of bikes
  • Offer high security
  • Can be single or back-to-back
  • Are fully BREEAM compliant
  • Are manufactured in the UK by a team of dedicated and well-established British fabricators

All Two Tier bike racks are custom-made to your specifications and room layout at no extra charge. In addition to our regular goods, we can construct customised designs from scratch and tailor a cost-effective solution for you. Contact us today to see how we can assist you.

The Traditional Sheffield Bike Stand

The Sheffield Bike Stand is an excellent choice since it is the most popular street cycle stand used across the UK for convenient, safe, and cost-effective cycle storage. It’s ideal for a wide range of locations, from businesses to train stations.

Whatever area you have available at your office or business, whether inside or outside, we are confident that we have a bike storage option that will meet your requirements. 

Contact us today to get the best option for your business!