How to Improve Your Existing Office Bike Storage Area

November 13, 2023

Efficient bike storage is a vital component of any cycling-friendly environment. Whether you're a school, workplace, or community centre, providing secure and accessible bike storage can encourage more people to adopt cycling as a mode of transportation.

As a company, we are often part of the very beginning of the journey a client starts on to create a space for cyclists to store their bikes. We take into account the existing space and the different constraints, which can be varied, especially if we are asked to retrofit a place as opposed to create one in a building that's currently under construction. Say this, however, we are increasingly being revisited by clients and discovered by new ones – ones who have already invested in bike storage but want to go a step further and expand it or improve it.

In this blog, we'll explore a few practical strategies to enhance your existing bike storage space, ensuring it meets the needs of cyclists and promotes a culture of sustainable commuting.

Assess Your Current Space

The first step we usually recommend be taken before making any changes is to take a comprehensive look at your existing bike storage area. You should evaluate its size, layout, and capacity. Consider factors like accessibility, security, and convenience for users. This assessment will serve as the foundation for your improvement efforts.

Ask yourself if you need to expand the storage spaces – can you fit new racks, or should you be thinking about space-saving racks and two-tier bike storage solutions? If you're okay for space, do you have enough peripheral infrastructure like lockers or repair stations? We have a very extensive guide on how to make your employees' experience biking to work the very best with top-notch end-of-trip facilities.

Upgrade Security Measures

Security is paramount for cyclists – this is the primary purpose for the existence of the bike racks and bike stands in the first place. Evaluate your existing security – do you have secure locks, access controls, or a surveillance systems in place? If you don't use any of these security tools, it is perhaps time to think about implementing them – install better locks and consider CCTV cameras.

Our products, like, for example, the BDS 20 Space Cycle Enclosure, come with options for coded padlocks, key locks or swipe card system.

And if a big security overhaul isn't what you have in mind, then there is a simple measure that can be taken to improve things – start by adding a well-placed light in the area. Many of our products come with a lighting option precisely for this reason. It is an easy way to quickly increase how welcoming, friendly and safe a place feels.

Optimise Layout and Organisation

Efficient use of space is crucial, especially in high-traffic areas. And like we mentioned at the start, evaluating your space is important. You could rearrange bike racks you already have, install extra vertical storage racks to maximise the number of bikes accommodated, or you could think about some clever space-saving alternatives like two-storied bike racks or shelters. Also, keep in mind that often clutter can make a space look like it's smaller and there's no room for another bike. Clearly marked lanes and designated spots can help maintain order, clean up an area and keep it clutter-free – this might lead to the discovery that there is a little more space than you anticipated.

Introduce Weather Protection

Incorporating weather protection measures like bike shelters or larger cycle enclosures shielding bikes from the elements is always a great idea. This is particularly important in regions prone to rain or extreme weather conditions. Providing a dry and sheltered space encourages more cyclists to use the facility year-round.

Bike shelters, cycle enclosures and compounds are also a good solution when you have no space indoors you can dedicate to bike parking. With a shelter, it is easy to create a covered, safe and secure bike storage space on your car park premises or in your garden.

Include Repair Stations

Empower cyclists by offering basic repair stations equipped with tools for minor adjustments and maintenance. Tires being punctured or needing a bit of air is not unusual, and you don't want someone to have to walk all the way home pushing a heavy bike just because there wasn't any help in the office. Adding this convenience can make a significant difference for riders and contribute to a positive biking experience.

Enhance Accessibility

Ensure the bike storage area is easily accessible. There are some important stuff to consider, like proximity to entrances and exits, clear signage, and choosing bike storage products that varied users can use. An example is our Two-Tier Bike Rack – they have a gas strut for assisted lift, which means that the user doesn't need to be able to lift the bike on their own, they simply need to push the lever.

Further, consider providing ramps or designated spaces for cargo bikes and adaptive cycles, which would demonstrate a commitment to accommodating diverse cycling needs.

Solicit Feedback and Iterate

Engage with users to gather feedback on the revamped bike storage space. Asking for their insights can uncover additional areas for improvement and help tailor the facility to suit their needs better, and it would really make employees feel like you care about them.

By implementing these practical strategies, you can transform your existing bike storage space into a cyclist-friendly environment. And if you are designing your bike storage from scratch, contact us right away so that we can help you with everything from the assessment and planning to the installation. Remember, a well-designed and secure storage facility not only encourages more people to embrace cycling but also contributes to employees feeling valued, appreciated and listened to.

Bike Dock Solutions Team

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