Secure Bike Storage Solutions: Preventing Bike Theft on Your Premises

March 23, 2023

Cycling is becoming a popular way to travel to and from work. It works well in both big and small cities. In big ones to circumvent traffic congestion, a widespread and annoying problem; in smaller ones, it is a quicker and more convenient way to get around. Cycling can have multiple benefits, not just traffic-wise. We all know a more active lifestyle can improve health and extend your lifespan. So why aren’t more people cycling?

There are many reasons. According to surveys, the top two worries for Brits not getting on a bike are road safety concerns and too much traffic. Whilst these two reasons need a national effort to resolve and are out of your control as an employer or a landlord, other reasons follow behind these top two. One of the additional prevalent worries amongst people who cycle already or are willing to give it a try is the lack of bike facilities. Now, this is something you can help resolve.

What is behind the “lack of bike facilities” worry?

Cyclists are primarily worried about two facilities: lack of bike storage and end-of-trip amenities such as showers, lockers, or bike repair stations. In this blog, we would like to focus on the former – bike storage.

People who cycle (or would like to) are often concerned that they won’t be able to park their bikes at the train or metro station or their final destination – work. The issue here is two-fold. Firstly, cyclists are worried that there is simply no space for them to appropriately leave their bike – out of the way of others, in a dry place where it won’t get damaged or damage other people’s property. Then there is the additional problem; you want your bike to be safe and secure when you’re not there. Preventing bike theft is something your bike storage solution should be able to ensure.

How to prevent bike theft on your premises?

Investing in good bike storage facilities is one of the best ways to prevent bike theft. Criminals target bikes as they feel they can usually get away with it. Bicycles are light, easy to drive away with and often left outside chained to lampposts or other street furniture. No bike storage makes bikes an easy target, so if you want to encourage your employees or visitors to bike to your premises, you should invest in a secure cycle storage area.

There are many secure and robust options to choose from, and it all depends on your property, the size and location of the area and the way you use them. Whatever you settle on, we can ensure it is secure and easy for your employees, clients or visitors.

Let’s look at specific examples of what you could do to prevent or at least significantly mitigate the risk of bike theft on your premises.

1. Install a bike shelter

If you have the space, installing a bike shelter is ideal for dealing with cycle security concerns. Bicycle shelters are a way to protect bikes from the weather, as well as from potential criminals. They are best placed near entrances and close to the building. This makes them a well-lit place with a natural regular flow of people, which would better deter thieves.

Furthermore, you can install a bike shelter with roof and side panels like our BDS Cycle Shelter, which can also be equipped with a front mesh panel with security gates.

2. Gates and Locks

Speaking of security gates, this leads us to our next point. If you want extra security, select a bike shelter or bike enclosure model with additional add-ons like gates and secure locks.

A lot of our cycle shelter models come with options for that. The Square Bike Shelter and our BDS Cycle Security Enclosure are excellent examples of your possibilities for extra added security. You can install the Square Bike Shelter with a coded padlock and steel or polycarbonated slide or swing gates. The BDS Cycle Security Enclosure has a coded padlock option, lock, two keys, or a swipe card system. You can also fit it with gates with a closing strut and LED lighting.

3. Install bike racks

Sometimes there are better fits for a property than a bike shelter. In that case, people chose to install bike racks – they can be freestanding, tucked away in a designated corner space or part of a larger fenced-off enclosure. Whichever option you go for, there are secure products to choose from.

The greatest security would be provided by something like our BDS Bike Cage, which has floor-to-ceiling mesh security panel fencing and a security gate as default. This already gives you one layer of security so that whatever bike stands or racks you install within the cage, you can ensure your employees’ bikes are safe.

As part of a bike enclosure or freestanding, many bike racks and bike stands we make also come with security provisions of their own. For example, our Semi Vertical Bike Rack can be made with an optional locking loop to increase security by allowing you to lock the bike frame to the rack with a standard d-lock. Another example is our Two Tier Bike Rack which has the bicycle held stable in the wheel channels with locking bars, plus the bike’s frame and wheel can also be chained for extra security.

4. Additional security

Additionally, you can implement several little things regarding bike storage security and bike theft prevention.

As mentioned earlier, positioning your bike storage area near the main entrance is always a good idea. This way, people can quickly get inside the building, and whatever the weather, they won’t come to the office drenched in water or after a walk in the blistering sun. The other positive is security – the main entrance is usually well-lit and busy. This would be a natural deterrent for a thief.

Consider installing CCTV for extra peace of mind for every user. Cameras would be a deterrent for criminals, and should something happen, they would be valuable sources of information.

Engage employees and make sure they have an active part in protecting their bikes. You can suggest they use firm and secure bike locks and encourage them to consider registering their bikes with local or national registration schemes. Both would be useful even when they store their bikes outside the workplace.

In conclusion, cycling to work is becoming increasingly popular, and the need for proper bike storage facilities is a primary concern for cyclists. The fear of bike theft is a significant deterrent. You can help by investing in secure bike storage solutions. By installing bike shelters, gates and locks, bike racks, and additional security measures like CCTV, property owners can significantly mitigate the risk of bike theft, provide peace of mind to cyclists and encourage more employees and visitors to bike.

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