What you need to consider before investing in bike storage for your business

April 05, 2023

Investing in secure and convenient bike storage is a great way to encourage more people to bike to and from your premises. This is important for promoting sustainable transportation and improving employee satisfaction and health. You may be at the point where you are convinced of all the benefits cycle storage and parking have, but you may need help determining where to begin. Here is our brief guide on what we advise our clients to consider before they make this important investment.

There are a few starting points which you should consider and some things to keep in mind when looking at bike storage products.


Often, if you have been put in charge of updating existing bike storage or setting one up, you would have also been given a budget. Knowing how much you can spend to make optimal and realistic decisions is always important. There are many options available for cycle storage. You can go for a simple and affordable wall-mounted rack like the Wall Dock, which can be installed quickly and almost anywhere. Or you can have an entire walled-off, highly secure enclosure, like the BDS Bike Cage, which can accommodate many bikes, cycling-related amenities and even lockers. Whatever your budget is, there usually is a way to make sure cyclists feel supported and encouraged to bike to your premises.


The next significant factor that would determine your bicycle storage is space. The size of your premises, the designated area available and whether or not it is in or outdoors will be vital in deciding what type of bike racks, shelters or enclosures you can install. If you have limited indoor space but high demand for bike storage, you can consider a type of two tier bike rack. They are a space-saving and efficient way to store two bikes in the space of 1. They can also be fitted outdoors like our double-stacked bike rack and shelter options such as the Two Tier Bristol Cycle Shelter which accommodates up to 20 bikes, or our much larger Two Tier Ark Shelter which can store up to 160 bikes at a time.

Furthermore, if you have a large outdoor space, consider installing an enclosure designated especially for bikes, providing extra security and convenience for cyclists. Such an enclosure is possible indoors too – like the BDS Bike Cage, which comes with a locked gate and mesh security panel fencing. Such a walled-off bike space is perfect for large indoor car parking where vehicle traffic is mixed as it gives extra protection to cyclists from cars.

Another product option to keep in mind is the Free Standing Wall Dock. It is an attractive solution as it does not need to be installed on a wall and can be made to fit odd spaces by creating a little free-standing bike storage island in the middle of a room.

Number of bikes

Next on your list of considerations to keep in mind is the number of bikes needed to be stored. You may already be aware of the ballpark number, especially if you already have some cycle storage provided and more is needed. However, you may also be in a situation where you need to assess the need from scratch. Either way, we have products varying from compact 6 bike cycle shelters to much larger 120 bike parking spaces shelters.

Whatever figure you reach at the end of your assessment, we always advise you to either overprovision slightly from the beginning or at least earmark space for a future expansion. Bikes are getting increasingly popular, and once you provide good bicycle facilities, more people will start using them.


Security is one of the most apparent worries of cyclists and the top reason to provide bike storage. People who come to work with a bike need to know that when they leave their bike somewhere, it will still be there when they return. Not all bicycle storage is created equal when it comes to this. Some products provide extra security on top of the standard bike chain or lock-to-metal situation. Our Square Bike Shelter, for example, has features like a coded padlock and steel or polycarbonate slide or swing gates. While the BDS Cycle Security Enclosure can be fitted with a coded padlock, lock and two keys or a swipe card system. It can also be installed with gates with a closing strut plus LED lighting. Another example is the Two Tier Bike Rack, which holds the cycle stable in the wheel channels with locking bars whilst additionally it allows the bike's frame and wheel also to be chained for extra security. You can look at our blog to learn more about security and bike theft prevention on your premises.


Finally, consider the accessibility of your bike storage area. One of the ways to make it an effectively used space is to position it in a place where people can easily find and get to. Moreover, it also needs to be in a place where a bike can get to – for example, if you locate your bike storage on the roof of your building, you'd be making cyclists climb up there carrying a bike or trying to fit a bike in an elevator for several floors. Bike storage needs to be at an appropriate level of the building, or you need to provide a ramp or a large lift near the main entrances, accessible to bikes and with clear signage.

Investing in bike storage is an excellent idea for any business and has multiple benefits for employers and employees. We hope that we have been helpful by compiling this list of things to consider before installing cycle storage in your business. We urge you to consider carefully what we have written above and keep in mind your property's characteristics and cyclists' needs. If you are still wondering how to proceed, you can always get in touch with our team and get advice tailored specifically to your situation.

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Bike Dock Solutions Team

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