What are the required dimensions for a Two-Tier bicycle rack?

April 07, 2023

It’s no secret that over the past decade, bicycling has increased in popularity worldwide, with a number of countries favouring bikes as their preferred method of transportation. But whether you ride a bike or not, if you own a business, this trend is bringing new opportunities your way, as well as new duties to your staff.

Providing bike storage solutions for your employees and visitors is a great way to encourage them to cycle to your workplace. We understand, however, that sometimes space is tight, and this, coupled with the growing demand for cycle storage, will require a creative and space-saving solution.

Bike Dock Solutions’ Two Tier Bike Racks are designed to be that solution as they fit the maximum number of bikes into a limited space. Read on to find out the required dimensions for a Two-Tier bike rack.

Our Two-Tier bike racks:

  • Accommodates all cycle types (mountain bikes, town bikes etc.)

  • Are easy to use

  • Offer high security

  • The bicycle is well-supported when being stored

  • It can be single or back-to-back

  • Are Code for Sustainable Homes compliant and BREEAM compliant

  • Are manufactured in the UK by a handful of dedicated and well-established British fabricators

  • All Two Tier bike racksare manufactured against your dimensions and room layout at no extra cost. As well as our standardised products, we can create bespoke designs from scratch and customise a cost-effective solution for you.

  • BDS Two Tier Bike Racks are the only “Cycling Score” approved two-tier bike parking system

Space Requirements

Two-tier racks are available in several spacing variants with slightly different specs.

Economy Two Tier Rack

The Economy Two Tier Bike Rack is a good value model that can neatly fit a large number of bikes on two levels.

  • Parking Centres of 305mm

  • Available overground or underground fixing in many sizes

  • For underground fixing, a concrete foundation of around 300mm cube is recommended around each leg, depending on the ground conditions. Leg depth for ragged ends is 203mm below ground.

  • For overground fixing, ensure a suitable surface already exists for bolting onto – preferably, this should be onto existing concrete. Leg flanges require 3 12mm bolts per flange.

Value Two Tier Bike Rack

The Value Two Tier Bike Rack has a bottom level of traditional Sheffield bike stands and a top level which is raised with an easy lift gas assist.

  • The cycle stand is compact with a centre-to-centre distance of 375mm. Bike stands at the bottom have a centre spacing of 700mm. The top and bottom hold the same number of cycles.

  • The minimum height required is 2400mm x minimum depth 1950mm (plus a recommended minimum entrance space of 1500mm)

  • Back-to-back or single-sided versions are available. As are angels versions, e.g. 45 degrees left or right. 

Two Tier Bike Racks with Gas Strut

Suitable for internal and external spaces, the modular two-tier cycle rack can accommodate any number of parking spaces.

  • Cycle stands are compact with a centre-to-centre distance of 375mm

  • The minimum height required is 2400mm x minimum depth 1950mm (plus a recommended minimum entrance space of 1500mm)

To make your planning easier and more accurate, we created this bike storage calculator. You can use it to calculate the number of bikes you could fit in a particular space by inputting your area dimensions and selecting the Two Tier Bike Racks with Gas Strut from the drop-down menu.

BikeSafe Two Tier Bike Rack

The BikeSafe Two Tier Bike Rack is our premium model and is designed to provide an architectural feel to an active travel facility, as well as highly efficient space-saving cycle storage.

  • Cycle stands are compact with a centre-to-centre distance of 375mm as standard. Other distances are available upon request.

  • The minimum height required is 2400mm x minimum depth 1950mm (plus a recommended minimum entrance space of 1500mm)

How many bikes can I fit in with the Two Tier Bike Racks?

Measure the length of the area you want to fit the rack in. The length (mm) divided by 375mm = the number of bikes that will fit on the bottom row. Multiply by 2 to get the total number of bike spaces, and subtract 2 cycles to allow for the handlebars sticking out.

For example. 4000mm length divided by 375 = 10.666, multiplied by 2 = 21.333. Round it down to 20 bikes.

Where do I start?

Biked Dock Solutions offers various sorts of two-fold stacked bicycle racks that can provide superb usability. Buyers can choose between Two Tier Bike Rack with Gas StrutValue Two Tier Bike RackEconomy Two Tier Bike Rack, and the BikeSafe Two Tier Bike Rack.

Our store offers various bike parking solutions, which you can explore here or contact us for a quote. Once you’ve installed your bike racks, get the word out and tell your customers about it! Once people know you’re a bike-friendly business, they can hop on their bikes and visit your store.

Bike Dock Solutions Team

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