Two Tier Bike Rack explained

April 08, 2023

Bike parking is an integral part of the infrastructure. We expect the demand for it to keep growing, and more people cycle to work and school as time goes on. However, when it comes to cycle storage and parking provisions, not all premises have the same amount of space they can dedicate to bikes.

Limited space and high demand for cycle storage can be a big problem in high-traffic areas such as bus or train stations, busy shopping centres or office buildings’ car parks. The situation is often worsened by the combination of factors such as the growing popularity of biking and the already existing infrastructure and buildings, which may have never had a bike parking area put in the initial planning. This means current property managers, owners, and local authorities must be creative with existing space.

Our Two Tier Bike Rack may be the solution you have been looking for. It is one of the most space-efficient bike racks available on the market.

Why choose the two-tier bike rack?

Space Efficiency

The most obvious advantage of our two-tier rack is its bike-carrying capacity. Due to its double levels and staggered heights, you can fit a large number of bikes in a tight space. The staggered heights mean the bikes can be parked closer to each other compared to more traditional bike racks – they can be stored with only 375mm centre spacing. Saying this, you must ensure your room has a minimum of 2.4m height and a minimum depth of 1.95m, plus a recommended minimum entrance space of 1.5m

To help you with the planning of your bike storage facilities, we developed this bike storage calculator. You can use it to calculate the number of bikes you could fit in a particular space by inputting your area dimensions and selecting the type of bike storage product you want to calculate for.


Security is one of the primary reasons bike racks get installed in the first place. When selecting a cycle storage product, you must never forget that your employees, students or visitors are chiefly concerned with the safety of their property. The Two Tier Bike Rack is an excellent product when it comes to that with its three locking points. A bike can be secured at the front and back wheels and the centre frame. We can apply a locking bar on the centre of the bike rack so cyclists can apply their D lock there. All these security features make our Two Tier Bike Rack very resilient against thieves.

It’s tough

Our products are made from high-quality materials, which ensure their long life and durability. Made from thick steel, welded parts with a galvanised finish, the Two Tier Bike Rack will last long and won’t corrode, bend or break even under heavy use.

Easy to assemble

The Two Tier Bike Rack may look complex, but it is easily installed. It comes partially assembled as a standard, making it uncomplicated to put together. You’ll need a team of 2 with strong hands.

Flexible in size

We make this bike rack to order, so if you need 6, 8, 10, 24, or 48 bikes, we can make a frame to accommodate your needs. This must be in units of 2, as each section stores one cycle above and one below. They are on upper and lower levels. The frames can be bolted side by side with no space loss; it really is a flexible way to park your bikes.

To work out how many bikes you can fit in a space, you only need to measure the length and depth of the space you have and input your numbers into our bike storage calculator.

Easy to use and fit for all types of two-wheel bikes

Our two-tier bike racks may look intimidating when you first see them, but they are straightforward to use. With the bottom level, you roll your bike in and lock it. With the top level, you pull the upper track out, and it will drop down if you push it down – the top track has a gas strut built in, like on the boot of your car, making use much easier.

The best part is that it fits all two-wheel bikes with different thicknesses, including the chunkiest mountain bike tyres.

Where can it be installed?

It needs a flat hard surface, like concrete, ideally or tarmac. As mentioned before, you must have a head height, but also, entrance space is important. A depth of 3.5m minimum would be comfortable.

Please note that this article is about our Two Tier Bike Rack with Gas Strut. We also offer a Value Two Tier Bike Rack, an Economy Two Tier Bike Rack, and a BikeSafe Two Tier Bike Rack which you may want to look at.

If you have any questions about this article or would like some advice on your bike rack, or would like a CAD drawing, please get in touch at 0800 612 6113 or [email protected]

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