Two Tier Bike Rack explained

March 15, 2016

When it comes to space saving cycle parking, the Two Tier Bike Rack is THE most space efficient bike rack available.

Why choose the two tier bike rack?

Space Efficiency

Due to it’s double levels and staggered heights you can fit a large number of bikes in a tight space. The bikes can be stored with only 375mm centre spacing. The staggered heights mean the bikes can be parked closer to each other than other typical racks. This is very effective in places that are tight on space. Tip: Ensure your room height is a minimum of 2.4m, that’s all you need.


Where can it be installed?

It needs a flat hard surface, like concrete ideally or tarmac. As mentioned before, you must have the head height but also entrance space is important. A depth of 3.5m minimum would be comfortable. It has a hot dipped galvanised finish which means it will last for years and years without corrosion.



The Two Tier Bike Rack offers 3 locking points. For the front and back wheel, and the centre frame. We can apply a locking bar on the centre of the bike rack so cyclists can apply their D lock there. It will be very resilient against thieves.


It’s tough!

Made from thick steel, welded parts with a galvanised finish.


Easy to assemble

It comes partially assembled as standard, so it is not too complex to put together. You’ll need a team of 2 with strong hands


Flexible in size

We make this bike rack to order, so if you need 6, 8, 10, 24, 48, bikes we can make a frame to accommodate what you need. This must be in units of 2, as each section stores one bike above and one bike below. They are on upper and lower levels. The frames can be bolted side by side with no loss of space, it really is a flexible way to park your bikes. To work out how many bikes you can fit in a space, all you need to do is measure the length and depth of the space you have. To calculate how many bikes you can fit in a length, simply divide the length of the space e.g. 4000mm and divide it by 375mm. Then multiply by 2 and round down to an even number. In this case, 4000mm could fit in 20 bikes comfortably using this rack.


Easy to use and fit for all types of bikes (except trikes!)

With the bottom level, you just roll your bike in and lock it. With the top level, you simply pull the upper track out and it will drop down if you push it down – the top track has a gas strut built in, like on the boot of your car so it makes use a lot easier. It fits all bikes with all different tyre thickness, including the chunkiest of mountain bike tyres.

You can view details of the rack and order it online from our website here. There are also drawings which may be of interest.


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