The Bike Tracker


The Bike Tracker is a device that can be fitted to any gate or door. It can be used as a lock and managed centrally via a web portal. Using the web portal, the host can decide which users can enter or leave the gate/bike parking area. All the user needs is a mobile phone, to download the app and permission from the host to enter.

The host can offer this service for free, or they can charge any users for the amount of time they spend in the bike parking area - the host can decide exactly how they would like their bike parking area operated. The device has a sim card to communicate with the host's website so this can be managed anywhere with an internet connection. Power to the tracker can be via mains or solar power if it would be positioned outside in sunlight. The host can download reports showing the days and times of usage for the users. The maintenance fee is £100 per month.
  • Can be applied to doors, gates to a room, or on a shelter or bike locker
  • Available with wired to mains power or solar if it is in daylight
  • The device connects via a sim to an easily managed web portal
  • Installation - Support screw-mounted to the gate. We offer this service
  • Users can access the secure area by downloading our app onto their phone. They must be granted access by the host. Bike Dock Solutions can manage this service for you

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks

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